Thursday, June 13, 2013

Damage Control In Full Swing

SEE HERE  Of course the appropriate Congressional Committees were fully briefed on the program and approved it satisfied that there were safeguards in place.  What else would they say?  Actually I have no doubt that it is true.  The real question is whether it was adequately motivated in the first place.  Snooping is a tradition in the intelligence community so is not particular surprise.  Modern technology makes snooping far more powerful than in the past.  With sufficiently large computer resources you can monitor all the details about all the citizens to the point where they can be brought up on a computer in seconds ... all their Facebook posts, all their telephone calls, all their credit card expenditures, all their gasoline stops on their cars, everything.  It's just a matter of enough feeds of the right kinds to a very large network of computers.  If you think you have privacy you are kidding yourself.  Everyone with enough resources is reading your mail.

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