Sunday, November 3, 2013

If true, an act of treason ...

SEE HERE  Living in bizarro world is eery.  We have NSA snooping, bizarre healthcare regulations that disrupt medical delivery, proposed taxes every direction you look, purges of the U.S. military at high levels, mysterious stuff about nuclear weapons, MRE purchases by FEMA and ammunition purchases in vast amounts by DHS and the attempt to marginalize the Tea Party by using the IRS against them.  What could go wrong?  I mean besides virtually all the things we thought were true of the U.S. government.  Constitution?  Out the window it seems.  Executive Orders are the new form of Law and modifying laws by Executive fiat seems to violate the prerogatives of the Congress.  We live in an upside down world spinning out of control towards dictatorial collapse if these things are true as they appear to be.  So who is going to stop this madness?

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