Friday, November 1, 2013

Poor Little Sebelius ... Her Feelings Were Hurt By Those Meanie Republicans

SEE HERE  The "I'm offended sympathy card" is played whenever a liberal comes under criticism.  I'm always immensely amused when the progressives play the "I'm offended" card.  Maybe the main reason is that they offend me all the time and don't care so why should I care when they claim to be offended.  Now we have a profound example of either total incompetence, or corruption, or stupidity or two or more and I'm supposed to be sympathetic to the folks that got us here?  Can we have some sanity please.  The was a really expensive web site, one of the most expensive or maybe the most expensive in history.  No adequate development process.  No testing.  Launch and profound FAIL!  No-one is to blame obviously.  It might hurt their feelings to point that out ... poor incompetent liberals.  Don't tell anyone, they'll be offended.

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