Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And You Thought School Was About Education

SEE HERE  Behavioral modification and spying on parent seems to be more the order of the day at some public schools these days.  They would not have time for this nonsense if they were actually educating the students.  Our schools are simply a national catastrophe.  They have received so many contradictory and expansive direction to create little automatons suitably brainwashed that they have no time any more for the three R's and it shows in how poorly they perform.  As a retired college professor who taught some first year freshman courses I can say that only about ten percents of the students that came into my classroom were as proficient as they should have been after K-12 education and at least 30% functioned on what was a pretty marginal level, unable to read proficiently or write grammatically, unable to take notes effectively because they can't write cursive or in many cases even print legibly, and mathematics, well that's often interpreted apparently as using a calculator which is a sad commentary on our schools.

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