Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lie Like A Liberal — A Dramatic Example

SEE HERE  It isn't hard to come up with examples of liberals lying.  They do it almost every time they open their mouths.  Sometimes the lies are just due to ignorance, a rather common thing when liberals are in the mix.  But lo
ts of times as this one it is due to intentional lies because the truth doesn't serve their purposes.  Even the word lie when applied to liberals is a bit of a misnomer.  Lying implies that the person would normally seek to tell the truth.  Liberals are not wired that way.  They simply don't care about the truth except when it is to their advantage.  They talk only to cajole and manipulate, not to convey information.  They really don't care much about information or truth, only about getting their way and, did I say, getting their way.  That's one of the big reasons that they are always talking about The Big Tent.  It's easy to have a big tent when the only thing you really care about is power.  That's pretty easy to share compared to principles.  The result is that liberals don't have any principles except the desire for power.  They are all essentially Nietzscheans.

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