Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Path To Freedom Is Strewn With Stumbling Blocks Erected By Government

Freedom isn't free. It requires initiative and hard work. But in America, the America I grew up in and which can once more become the America it once was, you can get ahead through initiative and hard work no matter who you are. Don't let the slimy sycophants of the left who think only they are worthy keep you back. Dependency may be the easy path but it is a path of depression and despair, a path where every day you have to struggle with the question whether you're there because you're not good enough, talented enough, committed enough to be any better. But you are full of potential that is untapped. To tap it you have to begin, one step at a time. You can run right away. You have to learn first to crawl, and then to walk, then to run, and then to fly. Life, like everything else, is a progression that goes to those who seek it out and not to those who sit back and merely observe.

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