Thursday, February 20, 2014

Don't Be Fooled Again By Liberals Doing What They Do Best — Lie Like A Liberal

SEE HERE  Wedge issues are designed to divide the electorate and sow confusion.  The left doesn't really have real issues because they really don't believe in anything but slogans and manipulation.  You're been fooled before and look at the mess we're in.  Don't be fooled again when liberals do what they do best.  I've started using the mantra "Lie Like A Liberal" because it's what they do.  So the next time a liberal tells you something just think back about all the lies he's told you before and wonder "Why should I trust him this time?"  The reality is that liberals are never to be trusted because they operate on only one principle and that is getting you to vote for them so that they can have all the power.

I remember being told a story about Hubert Humphrey.  Humphrey would work a room at political events and glad hand every person he encountered telling them how great they were, agreeing with everything they said, telling them that he was with them 100%.  The only problem is that he told everyone that regardless of what they told him.  He contradicted himself a score of times as he worked the room and he didn't care.  It's never about truth with a liberal.  It's always about power, power for them and not for you.

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