Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hold Onto Your Wallet ... They're Coming For It!

SEE HERE  I'm not sure how all this happened.  The world has changed since I was a kid in Cleveland Heights, Ohio with a paper route.  "Forty-two cents for the Press, Ma'am" was my mantra on Saturdays as I made my collection rounds.  Seven cents for each paper delivered six days a week, but not on Sunday.  Two of those pennies were mine for my delivery of the paper.  On the whole route there was one divorced lady and she was the talk of the neighborhood.  She was a nice lady but all the other housewives were curious about her and would ask me what she was like.

We live in a different world now.  One where immorality has become rampant, where violence is spewed night and day from radio rappers, movies, and television saturating us with the notion that violence cures anything.  Meanwhile the value of the money has wasted away.  It's been intentional and now it is accelerating.  We're probably in the last days of the American experiment with freedom.  We're failing the test right now.

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