Friday, February 14, 2014

The Irrational Confrontation

SEE HERE  Let's see?  How does this go down?  First we violate a nation's laws by entering the country illegally or by overstaying a visa and disappearing into the crowd.  Then we demand benefits we have neither earned nor are entitled to and then we want to be made legal and get angry and confrontational when our wants are not immediately assuaged.  Is that about it?  Isn't there something delusional about this?  I know it fits with the usual delusional liberal narratives but really!  I think we should round them up and ship them out, reform our laws, and improve the security of our borders.  And while we're at it we should ship out the politicians who don't believe in enforcing our laws.  This nonsense has to stop.  It's poor political theater and it turns on bad and irrational policy.

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