Sunday, February 16, 2014

So What's The Plan? Is Obama Seeking To Bring Upon Economic Collapse?

SEE HERE  Given the actions of the Obama Administration, I'm sympathetic with those who think he's trying to bring about economic collapse.  Exploding the deficit, expanding wasteful spending, seizing the health care industry, imposing crippling regulation on industry, and expanding various handout programs to incentivize not working, and on and on.  None of these is actually helping.  They are all hurting and he's quite conscious of this.  Coal for exampled supplies 44% of the electrical power generation in the country but he's trying to cripple coal production and shut down coal fired power plants although the global warming excuse is a fraud.   You really have to wonder.  When you study his background and the influences on his life it becomes increasingly clear that it is very plausible that this is exactly what he is doing.

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