Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grossly Fraudulent Education Is A Problem

SEE HERE  I don't know why education is such a big deal except that getting the government involved in almost anything is a way to make it inferior.  Education requires hard work if you're to benefit as you should.  You don't just open the little skulls and pour the education in.  There is a lot of confusion about education as if teachers educate when the fact of the matter it is always the student educating themselves with the teacher as a guide to make the process easier.  Without student cooperation education is impossible.  We have built a system that is mindlessly out of control from the point of view of behavior.  No one can learn in an undisciplined environment and no one can learn when disrespect and bad behavior or the order of the day.  I don't hold out much hope so long as teachers have their hands tied and parents fail to acknowledge their own responsibility in bringing of their children to be citizens and not merely little barbarians.

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