Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Focus On Reality And Not Imaginary Oppression

SEE HERE This is just a great column.  It could just be called "The Parable of the Oaks and the Maples."  Reality is the one thing that liberals hate most of all.  They insist on seeing achievement as oppression and the existence of and differences as signs of preference and bias.  But the reality is other than that.  The reality is that with minor differences effort is rewarded and non-effort is not.  It takes a certain kind of victim mindset to sit around doing not much and believing that you're not getting ahead because you've been picked on and exploited.  There's a lot of energy wasted in feeling sorry for yourself.  My son pasted on his Facebook page:

seek the negative you will find it.
seek the positive you will find it.
you choose everyday.

positive is most definitely more fun.

He's exactly right!

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