Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What The Hell Is Going On? This Is Weird ...

Sandy Hook continues to be an event that some people seem to think was a "False Flag" operation.  Simple questions ... no responses.  Mysteries about Sandy Hook that only get evasive answers.  First ten minutes ... What Happened?  1) 911 call, 2) All Hands On Deck, 3) Police Parked A Quarter of a Mile Away (What?), 4) Columbine Protocols Changed Things, 5) Active Shooter Event (Didn't Happen At Sandy Hook), 6) Odd Visit, 7) Why No Trauma Helicopters? 8) Paramedics Prevented from Entering Building (Declared Dead In First Eleven Minutes), 9) Two Homicide Investigators Show Up ... Stop Asking Questions or Connecticut State Police Will File Harassment Charges (Threats), 10) Started with Newtown Public Schools, 11) Wanted to Solve The Puzzle (The Pieces Will Not Fit), 12) Why FBI Classify The Report? (Not Done Before), 13) Why Did America Have To Wait For A Report Full Of Misdirection? 14) Had His Dossier, 15) Failing to Comply With Freedom Of Information Act, 16) Don't Return Phone Calls, 17) Suspicions? (Scripted Event In Preparation For Maybe Two Years), 18) Missing Guns, 19) Kindergarten Girl Sent Into Crime Scene (What?), 20) Not How We Work In Law Enforcement, 21) Doesn't Believe Anyone Was Killed, 22) Contradictions In How Parents And Children Treated, 23) No Documents Provided, 24) Premise No-one There To Be Treated 25) Data ... Reiterated, 26) Tampering With The Crime Scene and No-one Wants To Answer The Questions, 27) People Asking Questions Draw Attempts To Fire Them Or Shut Them Up.  ... etc.  This guy is pretty convincing.  Certainly sounds like something is wrong.  You'd think it would be easy to determine if there were real casualties.  What Is Wrong With This Picture?  Can't get information even about the simple fundamentals.  There's a clear cover-up of some kind going on.  Gotta Wonder!

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