Thursday, April 10, 2014

Contemplating the Shroud of Turin

With Easter soon to come it's appropriate to think about the Shroud of Turin and this video is hard to beat since it touches upon so many of the issues.  I've personally been interested in the Shroud since 1962 when I was first informed of its existence at a religious retreat by a very detailed lecture using glass slides taken from the 1931 Enrie photographs.  The fidelity was extremely high and as a Physics major I was particularly impressed that such a great image could have been formed on linen cloth in negative five hundred years or so before the invention of photography.

Then in 1977 or thereabouts the news about the VP-8 three dimensional features of the shroud hit the news and I became a shroud researcher myself.  At first I only gave talks about the shroud but then as I encountered better photographs I began studying the image characteristics of the shroud.  It still fascinates me and I'm still doing research.  This video demonstrates the correspondence between the sudarium of Oviedo and the shroud which, in my mind at least, proves that the 1988 carbon date is wrong.  Why is it wrong?  I don't know.  That it is wrong I am quite certain for the shroud duplicates blood stains that are on the sudarium of Oviedo which carbon dates much older than the shroud and since both cloths were in contact with the same body the 1988 carbon date of the shroud that placed it in the 13th or early 14th century is clearly wrong.

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