Thursday, April 17, 2014

Democrat Politicians For Sale: Bargain Rates!

SEE HERE  Over the years when I've seen various stings and arrests for corruption I've always been rather amused that it always seems to disproportionately involved Democrats.  Why amused?  Well mostly because they are the ones always claiming that Republicans are the party of the rich and corrupt and all that sort of baseless posturing.  It only confirms that in reality most of the crony capitalism is fostered by and engaged in by Democrats.  They are for sale and anyone can buy them even the Koch brothers who they never tire of maligning.  But the reality is that the jails are far more full of liberal politicians than with conservative ones.  To be fair it may be that part of the reason is that conservatives are smarter, but because they are smarter they engage in less corruption.  Why be corrupt when you can make your money honestly?  This Harry Reid situation bears watching!

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