Sunday, April 27, 2014

When Is Everyone Going To Wake Up?

SEE HERE  This whole creeping tyranny that the Obama administration typifies is so blatant and so egregious that it is startling that more people are not up in arms.  When are you going to wake up people?  These unsustainable, high cost, low delivery programs are not designed to help anyone.  They are designed to progressively collapse the economy and precipitate a major social disaster so that the folks orchestrating this can justify major imposition of tyranny to "restore order."  You will never see your freedom again after that happens.  These are bad people we're dealing with.  They are not good guys.  They systematically lie to us and waste amazing amounts of our hard earned money to enrich their cronies and precipitate crises.  If you don't have the moxie to stand up and resist then at least support those who do.

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