Saturday, April 12, 2014

How Much Government Do You Need?

SEE HERE  A whole lot less than we have I'd say.  I remember this television show titled "How much land does a man need?" which apparently was an adaptation of a story by Tolstoy and in the story the punch line is that in the final analysis you need six feet to bury yourself.  I thought of that as I wondered about the question of how much government we need.  Frankly we need enough government to give us some assurance that we can go about our ordinary work and business in peace and security.  We've got a whole lot more government than we need.  We now have local, state, and federal government in our knickers all the time with regulations and impositions and restrictions all to supposedly help us in some way.  Frankly it looks more like they are all trying to just help themselves, help themselves to our resources to feather their own nests.  We have too much government and it's time to make it smaller, a lot smaller.

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