Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Freedom Means Not Having To Explain To Government

SEE HERE  Thomas Sowell focuses in on another dimension of Democrat liberal hypocrisy.  Freedom of speech to a liberal means their freedom to advocate their positions in a climate free of dissent.  In a larger context that means that your freedom to advocate alternative positions is "hate speech" — "Boo Boo Hiss."  This parsing of the public square is called PC (Political Correctness) and it is just another form of left wing tyranny.  It is especially offensive (there's that "I'm offended" card — Free speech means freedom to offend people) when they get offended of advocacy of traditional morality and settled law like "horrors" the Constitution.  The facts are in the harsh cold light of day, that Democrats are despots bent on enslaving our society to a collective utopian vision that is essentially totalitarian.  That is certainly not what the Founders thought of as freedom.

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