Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IRS Targeting Conservative But Not Liberal Groups

SEE HERE  This is the Democrat view of government in action, a mere tool for their tyrannical ends.  This is what Democrats have always done and it exposes their philosophy of governance which is nothing more than power, control, and the throttling of freedom and suppression of all those who disagree with them.  After all anyone that disagrees with a liberal is guilty of "hate speech" and being a "phobe" — I love that 'phobe' thing.  It's much better than 'hater' which they were using before.  It's how a liberal parses reality.  Of course that's an overstatement since liberals don't believe in reality.  They are all existentialists creating their own reality but you better knuckle under or you won't be allowed in the club.  Instead the club will be used on you. 

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