Monday, April 7, 2014

Sexually Propagandizing The Young

SEE HERE  One of the points that C.S. Lewis makes in The Abolition of Man is that the green book by undermining critical thought when a child was still young allowed propaganda to be imported into their minds so that later in life they would uncritically accept things that critical thinking would and should reject.  They'd had the propaganda instilled before they had the faculty of critical thinking.  That's what sex education of the very young does.  It's instilling an acceptance of immorality by getting to the children before they are old enough to know any better.  This is simply evil incarnate.  We have to get the liberal sick wackos out of the education.  Their objectives are clearly to indoctrinate and not to educate.  They will make slaves and not citizens.  They will create evil and not good.   Read The Abolition of Man and recognize that The Conditioners are with us and call themselves liberals.

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