Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Logic Of The New Totalitarians (or Lunacy)

SEE HERE  The logic (if you can call it that) of the New Totalitarians is build on delusions.  Adam Yoshida discusses them in the context of a Christopher Hayes article in The Nation.  The first delusion is that we must Avert the Apocalypse and they're perfectly happy to spin one up if one is not readily at hand.  I've watched them spin up these crises my whole life and of course none of them come to pass.  It's like the man sitting on a park bench making outlandish noises.  When asked what he was doing he said "I'm scaring off the elephants."  "But there are no elephants around here," says the person who asked him the question.  "Yes I know," said the man, "Very effective don't you think?"  That's the liberal meme in short.  Spin up a crisis, waste lots of money pretending to be working to avert it while enriching yourself and your friends, and then take credit when it doesn't materialize.  Typical!

The second delusion is that They Are Always Right and any Resistance Is Motivated By Evil (which can be greed, bigotry, or whatever is the trendy evil of the moment).  This is why they always play the racism card at every opportunity or the phobe card or many other, what I call, dismissal cards.  You can't possibly have understood what they said if you disagree.  They are the only informed and correct individuals on the planet and it is self-evident to all that they only have our good at heart since they are the sensitive and compassionate ones.  It really is mindless posturing when you think about it.

Finally there is the Resistance Is Futile delusion which suggests that their cause is so important, so transcendent that all other things should fade into insignificance.  The rule of law doesn't matter, the hard earned property of millions of people that they would blithely put at risk or destroy to further their vision is not important, freedom and liberty itself must be sacrificed at the alter of their delusions.  These are truly crazy people.

Wake up people.  These lunatics mean business and it's time to push back and show them that their delusions don't trump the truth which is that liberty, freedom, and frankly intelligence trump their tyranny motivated by crazy ideas.

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