Sunday, April 6, 2014

One Of The Mysteries Of The Universe

SEE HERE  It remains amazing to me that Bill Maher has an audience.  I suppose it is due to the neuron depletion among liberals.  The reason that so many liberal voters are categorized as "low-information" is that they don't apply standards to what they believe.  They only emote.  Bill Maher is in that camp. 

I'm not sure what he means by Republicans loving their guns and being insane.  The insane part is likely projection and the loving their guns part is simply bigotry.  Both of these, insanity and bigotry, are earmarks of the left.  We can expect this meme to play out over and over with much chuckling but we'll never hear from the left about the atrocities perpetrated by those who in their camp in the past removed gun rights from the people.  The landscape is littered with the bodies of the millions that this extreme segment of the political spectrum killed through their active bigotry. 

Guns, like all machines, are instruments of indifferent morality.  Man is the only moral actor and when he acts for good then good reigns supreme and when he acts for evil then evil dominates.  Increasingly because of people like Bill Maher we see evil creeping forward.

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