Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Distorted World Of Liberal Progressive Sensibilities

SEE HERE  The whole liberal idea of rights is so distorted that while this article points out some of the problems it is just the tip of the ice berg.  Liberals don't really believe in rights at all because they don't really believe in anything at all. 

The rights discourse is just one more control narrative and if the objective changes the control narrative will change.  To believe in rights you have to believe that there is a source of rights whether it be Nature or Nature's God.  Liberals don't really believe in either.  They almost don't believe in one-another. 

Narcissism is the common condition of liberals.  Everyone is there to agree with them.  If you don't you are cast out.  Check recent Mozilla executive for confirmation.  It is the code of the hive (sorry Mary) or maggot's nest, that all those who disagree are anathema.  Uttering the mantras they huddle together drinking in the same swill, breathing the same hypnotic smoke and dreaming together that they are actually in a heaven of their own creation.

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