Monday, April 28, 2014

An Amusing Sent-Up Of The Climate Alarmists And The Left

SEE HERE  It's all about supporting the growth of the tyrannical state.  Only the growth of the state can stop the [ ... fill in the blank ... ] horrors that shall be upon us shortly if we do nothing.  The snail darters will be destroying, the desert turtle's habitat will be trampled, the old growth owl will be supplanted by the new growth owl, the mercury that's been in the fish for millenia will get you, CO2 will disappear and we'll all die (wait that's not on the agenda), and so forth.  Every time you turn around it's time for the latest "We're all going to die ... Big foot is coming" crisis that only the solution of more regulation, bigger government, more control of individuals, reduction of rights, shrinking the size of cars, and houses, finally eliminating people can save the planet from the horrors of (what was it this week?) [ ... fill in the blank ... ].  Doesn't anyone get it?  It's all lies with a shred of truth to lend some plausibility to what is otherwise a very poisonous cocktail of sheer fabrication.  But don't worry.  This one will go away in a decade or so and there will be plenty more.  The Club of Rome was 100% wrong and so was Paul Ehrlich, and so will be all the latest left wing-nuts whose only agenda is to provide cover for more and bigger power grabs.

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