Thursday, June 6, 2013

News Media? — What News Media?

SEE HERE  The so-called news media has simply become the purveyor of pseudo-news and gossip.  You're more likely to find out what celebrities are doing on the news than anything resembling real news.  The days of hard-hitting, objective, penetrating investigative reports (if there ever were any of those days) are long gone.  Frankly I think those days are a myth anyway.  New people are generally pretty lazy.  During the Vietnam War they hung out in Saigon and didn't do much which was why the Tet offensive looked so startling to them (they actually heard shooting) and in the aftermath didn't even interpret the outcome properly.  It's time to face up to the fact that the news media is in the sensationalism and newspaper selling game or air time or whatever passes for a profit.  They don't resemble in anyway people with a mission to tell the truth about things.  Sheer hypocricy.

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