Sunday, January 19, 2014

Police State? Why Would You Think That?

SEE HERE  I suppose if your eyes are open you might notice a lot of troubling things like the growth of unconstitutional agencies and the increasing effort to deny you your constitutional rights.  That's a hint, but it's likely deeper and further along than you think, so the only question becomes: "When is the tipping point reached?"  Because it seems to be coming at a gallop.  We are structurally unsound economically and that's one tipping point.  There seem to be others maybe just under the surface which will become more apparent. 

Why are we giving Muslims a pass on airport security?  What's the point of TSA if it isn't to protect us against the obvious terrorist group?  Just how is that supposed to work?  Why are we finding Muslims in water plants? or stalking reservoirs?  Water is pretty fundamental.  Is there a missing nuclear device?  That story arose and disappeared so fast I don't know what to think.  What happened to all that ammunition that DHS bought?  Do we really need to militarize all these local and regional police forces?  It just makes the police think they are military.  What about the rise in police brutality and violence, especially against the innocent?

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