Friday, January 10, 2014

The Tea Party Must Be Doing Something Right

SEE HERE  You are known by the fury of your enemies.  The IRS is getting new rules to game and suppress those evil Tea Party people whose main sin is that they tell the truth about the sorry gang running our government these days.  As the government is transformed into a bunch of thugs perpetuating the power of the far left the establishment Republicans waffle and posture pretending to want to check the power but enabling at every turn.  Only the Tea Party, which is only a random bunch of grassroots folks who have had enough, seems willing to stand against this rising tide of tyranny but they are being vilified on every front by friend and foe alike.  There can hardly be a clearer signal that the system is totally broken.  We are only a few small steps away from the Gulag.  Tyranny Rising!

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