Friday, January 17, 2014

The Insanity In Our Schools And The Perversion Of The Culture

SEE HERE  So now we have descended into the first circle of hell and find that children have to be sexualized from their first nascent moment of sexual awareness.  This is simply insanity. 

The purpose of an education is to bring out the whole person not to create a diminished creature ready to rut in the jungle with the first partner that comes along.  This is simply sickening and that it is in any school's curriculum is a sign of not only the decadence of the times but of the loss of sanity and the rise of lust over love and delusion over reason. 

It is not the purpose of the schools to corrupt our children.  It is not the purpose of the schools to indoctrinate our children.  It is the purpose of education to lead young minds out of the tyranny of ignorance and appetites into the clear crisp cold morning clime of reason and profound understanding of virtue; it is for our good that we conform to that which makes us whole and which brings the satisfaction and happiness of knowing that we have done what we ought.

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