Saturday, January 4, 2014

What Did You Expect? — Why?

SEE HERE  It's always amazing to me that people expect anything very good to come from government.  Why would you expect that?  The government doesn't make a profit and has not measure for success or failure because they reward both.  It's just another day as a bureaucrat is what it comes down to.  So why expect any kind of success?  Even when you have relative success it is more expensive than a private sector solution would have been.  They hide that reality of course and since they pay for much of it from taxes they can pretend it was cheaper because they are slipping money out of your wallet, and everyone elses, using multiple paths, fees, taxes, duties, licensing, and on and on.  You only see the fee for a service but that's not the true cost.  This regulatory structure is strangling U.S. innovation and productivity while pretending to help.  We used to be the most productive society on earth.  Currently we're coasting and shortly, if this continue, we'll be crashing and the people who are at fault will be pointing fingers at everyone but themselves.

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