Thursday, January 2, 2014

Unpacking The Narrative And Calling Progressives Out

SEE HERE  This is a good piece that penetrates to the substratum of Progressive lying through rhetorical manipulation.  Lie Like A Liberal is of course at the heart of these things. 

1. It's always easier to project a rosy future than deal with a messy and dystopian present.
2. Spin distorted views of the past (lying again) and keep Conservative on the defensive.
3. Frame the debate by claiming good intentions giving politicians cover who have never even read or understood the bills they pass.
4. Dodge responsibility for failure with more lies. (insufficient funds, the prior administration, the greedy 1 percent, sabotage by Republicans, or even the people’s obdurate failure to appreciate the progressive benefits conferred upon them.) And of course when all else fails propose to fix the problems usually having blamed someone else (a lie) they double down.
5. Follow Woodrow Wilson's lead and abandon the Constitution calling it a "living document" which means you don't have to pay any attention to it.  (does the lying never stop?)
6. "If you like your health care, you can keep your health care.  Period." One of the biggest lies of all time.

All of these strategies which are readily observable are based on lying.  Lie Like A Liberal and you too can seize power and control and prove to be a bane to your fellow citizens.  It's been done before by El Duce, Herr Hitler, and Comrade Stalin and Mao.  Why not try that successful policy again is the subtext of the current moment.  Tyranny Rising!

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