Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wealth of Nations and Individuals

SEE HERE  The left acts as if money is wealth.  That's a fundamental fallacy akin to thinking menus are food.  Thomas Sowell is good at pointing these things out so that even a liberal could understand it if they bothered to try.  The problem of course is that liberals don't care about truth.  All they care about is getting their way and someone patting them on the back for their sensitivity and compassion when the brutal facts of the matter are that their "sensitivity and compassion" harnessed to policies that are ill considered and disastrous has caused more pain and suffering than any robber barons or 1%'ers that they so love to rail on about.  Wealth is important not because the wealthy have amassed great sums of money, but because the money stands for the debt which society owes to those who have improved it most.

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