Friday, January 3, 2014

There's Deluded And Then There's Delusional

SEE HERE  Education has such a nice sound to it.  Who can be against education?  Well there is one problem and that's when education isn't really education but a combination of babysitting and indoctrination.  We already have schools that are dumbing down our children at immense cost and with all sorts of posturing about what good education is.  Well education was better in the past.  It was much better in the past.  Get any set of 19th century school books and look and ask if your kids could do what those kids were doing?  The answer is not only "No" but it is a towered, stellar, unbelievable almost breathtaking "I can't believe they could do this at that age."  Just go look. 

We fill our children's minds today with brainwashing but we don't get them educated.  They don't emerge from grade school or high school or even college on average being as educated as a high school graduate of the early 20th century.  They can't write cursive and often can barely print.  They mostly don't read and that's partly because their reading skills have not been developed.   What they have read for the most part is junk.  They've never memorized (they've been told that memorization is not good) so they actually have not trained their minds to remember anything.  They don't know American history or for that matter pretty much any history.  Instead they've been brainwashed on the latest trendy multi-cultural or diversity or some other buzzword ideas.  They have no concept of virtue or morals except what harried parents often both working full time jobs have managed to get into their minds in the few hours they see them that are not full of cell phones or gaming or television.

The society is degrading before our eyes and all the government can propose is to push back "education" to preschool so that the indoctrination can begin earlier.

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