Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Intentional Crippling Of U.S. Power Capacity

SEE HERE What President Obama is doing is outrageous.  The nonsense about global warming, something that has nothing to do with human beings except in the minds of a few people getting huge amounts of grant money from the government is being used to spin up an initiative to destroy the coal industry and with it 40% of the electrical generation capacity of the United States.  Aside from being insane this is part of what increasingly seems to be the Obama strategy to cripple the United States and precipitate a crisis of major proportion.  It isn't just one thing, but the orchestration of many things, the death of a thousand cuts.  As the climate continues its 18 years of no change we may wish that the global warming mantra was true as the cost of electricity skyrockets. 
Tyranny Rising!

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