Friday, January 17, 2014

Cops Should Get Their Facts First Before They Go Off On People

SEE HERE  The whole drug scene is pathetic.  We can't seem to shut down drug trafficing anywhere.  I was on a grand jury a few times and there always were tons of drug cases or drug related cases.  Apparently the low life lives on drugs and there is a lot of violence surrounding drugs.  This is just one case of mistaken identity or police overreach but an even deeper question is whether we shouldn't do something different.  The War on Drugs is not working all that well.  It seems to enrich thugs and criminals and it makes criminal of thousands who are just stupid idiots who get addicted.  The process of getting addicted seems to be profitable to those peddling the drugs and this leads to all sorts of abuses.  I think we'd probably be better off legalizing the stupidity and taking the majority of the money out of the trafficing of drugs.  We'd still have stupid people using them but the overall social cost might be much lower.  If it isn't then we could always make them illegal again.

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