Friday, March 22, 2013

Lying Is Not Confined To Democrats — Republicans Are Pretty Good At It Too!

SEE HERE apparently congenital lying has become the besetting sin of the political class. They say whatever their constituents want and then do whatever they damn please. I remember when I lived in Minnesota, people would say that Hubert Humphrey was a master at working a room. He'd glad-hand you, ask you what you were interested in, agreed with you that that was an important issue and he fully supported that position and then went on to the next person. By the time he'd worked the room he had taken contradictory positions on virtually every issue. That's called raising lying to a whole new level. I'm afraid that disease of saying what the person you're talking to wants you to say has become a common strategy in politics. The fact that it is dishonorable, unprincipled, and a sign of lack of character seems not to bother the political class. People get the government they deserve. We are rapidly growing a government that looks like the cadre of a concentration camp.

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