Friday, March 8, 2013

Is The Faithful Opposition Alive?

SEE HERE Everyone seems a bit amazed that Rand Paul's filibuster bore some fruit at least in enlivening the Conservative base of the Republican party who has long been yearning for something vaguely resembling "life" in their party. All too of the notion of "a faithful opposition" seems constructed as a waffley halfhearted support for liberal programs constantly whittling away the principles on which the republic is based. When a few brave men rise up and protest it is inspiring and it makes a huge contrast between their principled stand and their supposed fellow Senators sitting down to a nice dinner with the president. I have no use for senators McCain or Graham, sort of professional lapdogs of the liberal progressives to be trotted out to make bipartisan sounds. I personally am looking for vigorous and principled debate without giving an inch unless forced. Compromise is a liberal word for conservative surrender.

 I didn't want to add a whole new post so just let me point to this response by John McCain that shows him for the disconnected pseudo-conservative that he actually is.  I truly don't know what John McCain stands for.  I didn't know when he was running for president and frankly the only good decision I think he ever made was adding Sarah Palin to the ticket.  But when you look at John McCain  you see a man who seems to be growing senile and irrelevant.  It's time for him to find a nice leisurely retirement occupation.  I'd recommend fishing!

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