Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Is What Government Does — Destroys Innovation and Initiative

SEE HERE "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you." has become a nightmare for all those who are weighted down by oppressive bureaucratic and ultimately pointless government regulation and control. We would be better off with none of it. It saps the entire society of innovation and initiative. The government will protect us, provide for us, keep us warm in our snuggly beds at night ... the ultimate nanny ... and they will finally administer the poison to ensure we leave this world when they think we're no longer worth keeping around.

How did we ever fall into this state? It's take over a century to erode the most productive society on the planet and turn it into a consumer society for China. It's not too late if we actually decided to go back to the right track but we have so dumbed down the society and generated the "feel good, you're as good as everyone else despite the fact that you never did anything to warrant that observation" mentality, that the prospect of actually doing what is necessary to turn it around seems a far fetched concept. Every journey begins with individuals with a vision making the sacrifice to set out. Make that decision today. Bill Whittle pointed out that we don't have to limit ourselves to what the government wants. We can ignore them in large measure and do what we have to do to succeed. We can do it.

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