Monday, March 25, 2013

The King Enters The Holy City

SEE HERE Red State points out what ought to be obvious were it not for the disinformation and propaganda that saturates the world today, that Christianity has transformed a savage and barbarous humanity into something with rather more promise.
In his book Orthodoxy, Chesterton said, "Certain new theologians dispute original sin, which is the only part of Christian theology which can really be proved."  The struggle between good and evil goes on in our modern world. The forces of evil like to run down the Christian knight while extolling the spread of barbarism. The struggle goes on but in this week of all weeks, a week that began with the Son of David who was also Son of God entering Jerusalem triumphant on an ass to the "Hosannas" of the people and ended the week triumphant over death despite the best efforts of the secular and clerical forces raised against him, we should turn our minds to the real blessings that Christianity has conveyed.

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