Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Awakening ... It Happens ... The Koolaid Wears Off

  The low information voters are waking up.  I hope the rate accelerates.  The Rush Limbaugh attack syndrome is facilitated by the liberal progressive propaganda.  The remedy is to actually listen to Rush because he's clear and incisive and sensible which accelerates the koolaid cure.  A role model is not someone who spends all their time blaming others.  Everything is not Bush's fault or someone else's fault.  Obama's mantra is that I'm fighting for you against the forces of evil, when in fact the real forces for evil are almost all in his camp.

The Limbaugh Theorem:

Obama Inflicts Pain for Political Gain
Obama says he had nothing to do with it but is working on fixing it.

and that is not leadership.

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