Friday, March 8, 2013

State Run Education Doesn't Work

SEE HERE "... nearly 80 percent of those who graduate from [New York] city high schools arrived at City University’s community college system without having mastered the skills to do college-level work."  As someone who has taught Fall freshmen for a number of years I've experienced this failure of the public schools up close and personal.  You can't blame the students for what they've never been adequately taught.  The public schools are a travesty in many cases and they just pass along the problems they create to the next higher level until the students, wholly unprepared, are dumped on the community colleges and universities who are then under a lot of pressure to not be too harsh on the students which then perpetuates the fraud that they are being educated.  School has to have objective standards and performance metrics and stop pretending that everyone is a winner.  There would be no games if everyone was a winner. 

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