Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Signs of The Times

SEE HERE Reading the indications is most disturbing. I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories. I'm certainly aware that there are those who are our enemies. Nevertheless the scope of conspiracy theories demands virtual powers of coordination and leadership beyond any normal human expectation so I tend to discount them.

However when the signs multiply and are coordinate with long term aspirations of enemies then you have to entertain the possibility that your freedom and liberty are at risk. This American Thinker piece needs to be given due weight. The signs are cumulative and pervasive and pregnant with negative import. The piece concludes:

Americans need to take notice of what is occurring under a man of questionable character, disdain for Constitutional limits on his power, a quest for transformational measures that have yet to be articulated and clearly defined, and a vitriolic reaction to those who do not abide by his rules. Now is not the time for apathy, it is time for heeding the lessons of history and speaking out to prevent future atrocities. America does not need a civilian national security force and it should be prevented from being assembled.

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