Monday, March 18, 2013

Democrat Party Infected With Marxism — Gee Did You Just Notice?

SEE HERE This is decidedly old news, but the remarkable thing is that people ignore almost entirely. It must be because we have so neglected the study of history that people really believe that Marxism is dead or that Communism was no big deal. I'm sorry, but the theory and the agenda never changed, only the tactics and superficial packaging. You're being gamed and you'll be enslaved before you know it. You didn't learn the history because that might have warned you. You also didn't learn the basic lessons of the American revolution and the American government so perhaps it is no surprise that you are unaware when your rights are being taken from you. This piece is a warning from someone who was outside the system and knows whereof he speaks. You are in danger and you need to wake up and resist.

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