Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Christians Must Be Silenced — They Tell The Truth And We Can't Have That

SEE HERE There is something quite bizarre about the left's ability to rationalize all sorts of things that are not true.  I'm reading "What We Can't Not Know" by J. Budziszewski a book on the natural law and he makes a compelling case that a thorough going materialist has no basis to even imagine that he can think much less reason.  The left is full of exactly that kind of non-thinking.  The imagine that they can make things they way they want them to be just by wishing.  I used to use the phrase "Wishing doesn't make it so."  The occasions were when the marketing department wanted products that were beyond either the state of the art or even, on occasion, beyond the known properties of physics.  That reality rarely deters a true materialist.  They live in the delusion that they can create whatever reality they desire.  The scary thing is that in the effort they destroy the only reality worth having, which is the reality that is true.

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