Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wealth Inequality ...

SEE HERE  I was recently in a discussion about poverty with a liberal who was bemoaning the fact that conservatives are not generous enough and we should give more to the poor.  My position is and always has been that we should help the poor to stop being poor.  The liberal solution is to throw money at the poor.  They don't throw a lot of money but of course it adds up.  They throw just enough to create a barrier to becoming responsible for their own lives.  It's like a trap.  If you can get enough to get along by doing nothing and doing something that is hard gives you only, at first, a slight incremental advantage, then why go to the trouble?

That's the trap of course.  The key to success is  Motivation, Initiative, and Hard-Work. (WHIM backwards).  Motivation requires role models like fathers (whoops the liberal program has tended to empower single parent families, mostly women ... no fathers).  Initiative is being a self-starter.  But we have schools telling students that if they initially fail at something they must not be good at it so they should quit and try something else.  That's creating a nation of quitters.  I like to quote G.K. Chesterton, the English journalist, who said "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly!"  The first time you do anything you're likely to do it rather badly.  Why is that a surprise?

Finally the last step is hard-work!  If you don't do anything then it should come as no surprise that nothing happens.  Hard work is its own reward because it means you deserve the results of your labor.  Oh wait ... we have system that rewards people for showing up.  I think they call it the Self-Esteem movement (heaven help we injure anyone's 'self-esteem') — Of course real self-esteem is earned not awarded.  We've pretty much made our own trap ... and now we're in it ... thanks liberals.  Do you ever think anything through?

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