Thursday, July 18, 2013

Police Kill Sleeping Man

SEE HERE  Now I think the police are demonstrably out of control, at least the ones that end up getting a feature mention on this blog.  I don't know what impels police to employ lethal force when they are in no danger.  I think police that do this should be up on charges and jailed.  Who put them above the law?  There are some occasions when the use of force is entirely warranted.  But they are relatively rare and the police ought usually not be attacking first unless the other guy has poses a demonstrable risk.  Just getting out your batons and going to town is outrageous.  Use pillows if you want to practice your baton skills.   Even then I think the police should practice more situation awareness than they seem to be doing generally.  The problem I'm having is all these situations when the police are in no danger whatsoever killing people who in many cases are no threat and didn't pose a potential threat warranting the use of batons, clubs, tazers or firearms.

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