Monday, July 22, 2013

Mindlessness ... Is It In The Iced Tea And The Skittles?

SEE HERE  This sensitivity nonsense is just another way of restricting free speech.  It is politically correct nonsense fostered by the deluded.  I remember being forced to go to a assertiveness class years ago so that I could be lectured all day by some idiots that the management had hired who spent the whole time trying to make subtle distinctions about being aggressive versus being assertive.  Frankly it was mostly mindless.  What we need to do is be more thick skinned and not so "sensitive" that we bleed when we imagine something we don't like.  It's a clear sign that all too many people don't have anything real to do.  Don't worry though.  When the economic collapse comes only the tough will survive.  We should be working to head that off not being super crazy liberal idiots imagining delusional things behind everything and violating the rights of other.

In the United States you're supposed to have a right to be an idiot and not have the other idiots attack you for it.  Apparently the neuron depletion has reached the point where no one remembers that anymore.

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