Saturday, July 27, 2013

Federally Imposed Insanity Continues Unabated

SEE HERE  What we really ought to do is shut down the EPA.  It's unclear to me that the EPA has ever done anything worth what they cost in regulatory rocks thrown into the gears of progress and serious industry.  They are an unneeded and out of control Federal bureaucracy that continues to push mindless and fallacious agendas at immeasurable cost to all of us while operating under the lie that they are protecting us.  I think I can take care of myself without all the help and collectively we can take care of ourselves.  If someone does injury then they should be punished but all this "help" we get from the Feds is overreach.  It's also hard to discovery any need for it or permission for it in the Constitution.  It's time we started paying attention to what the Federal government is supposed to do and not all the things that it simply wants to do so that it can grow into the kind of tyranny it so obviously desires to become.

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