Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Militarization Of Our Society

SEE HERE  The run up to general chaos seems to be proceeding apace.  Local police are increasingly being militarized, especially in the large cities.  The Narcissist In Charge (NIC) continues to use his bully boys to try to spin up racial tensions and precipitate race based violence.  Regulatory agencies are being used to impose unnecessary and economically crippling regulations while money is being thrown around indiscriminately to fund terrorists, promote Islamic insurgencies, impede economic development like the Keystone pipeline, and suppress political opposition while invading the privacy of the ordinary citizen.  If this isn't a conscious program to spin up unrest you have to wonder what one would look like.  When economic collapse happens we can all expect big trouble and it sure looks like part of a plan.  Stupidity would be one explanation were it not for the systematic character and alignment of the forces.  As my father used to say, it's as hard to be always wrong as to be always right.  So when you see someone who seems to be always wrong, then you have to suspect it's intentional.

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