Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tyranny In A World Gone Mad

SEE HERE  The criminalization of the trivial and the arrest of children?  Could someone explain why any of this makes any sense at all?  We should shut down the schools if this is what is being passed off as actionable events.  Read these and weep for the insanity of our age.  I guess we would have been locked up and sent away for the things we did as children.  We played with knives, shot BB guns and sometime .22 rifles, we played mumbly-peg with our pocket knives (yeah we had pocket knives), and we shot paper wads with rubber bands ... And that was just fine with everyone.  We are wimpifying the nation and criminalized the trivial.  What can this be but progressive enslavement as the nation makes all sorts of reasonable things new offenses.  This should be protested and turned around.  It is ridiculous.  What kind of people do we put in charge of schools these days?  They are insane.

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