Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The One Sided Character Of "Racism"

SEE HERE   Sarah Palin has been quoted as saying, "If it weren't for double standards liberals would have no standards at all."  Why is it OK to have a Black History Month and not a White History Month?  The problem in my opinion is focusing on race as a discriminator at all.  Neither idea is fundamentally racist as long as you have a valid category.  Are White and Black legitimate categories?  Well, the answer is that they are accidens, that is superficial characteristics like height or other attributes that change among men and women.  So they are categories but they are not fundamental in the same sense that species designators would be.  But who cares unless they are already reacting as racists, because racism is attaching derogative significance to what is a superficial characteristic.  In short prejudice.  So if the one is racist than so is the other.

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